“Dragon Salve, you are my new best friend. I am weeping because I haven’t been able to bend over and take my shoes on or off without serious pain in at least 2 years, I put the Dragon Salve on and minutes later I was able to bend over, no problem! You have a customer for life!”
Rollie S.

“This product works almost immediately, and after moving my home contents of 29 years, I was most grateful to have an all-natural remedy that worked with my body to relieve the strains of the physical output. It was a pleasure meeting you and continue your great work in the quest for pain relief that is a real, healthy answer. Thank you again!
Dena B.

“My husband suffers from Lyme disease and is in constant pain. This dragon salve has helped him in areas that his regular pain meds won’t touch. It is a blessing that we tried a jar…wish we lived closer to the source. Thanks for providing a natural product that works!”
Karen B.

“I keep a jar beside my bed so that if I wake up having back or foot pain during the night I can get quick relief and fall right back to sleep. It’s so great to have a topical product with no negative side effects that works so well.”
Dawn (Mom)

“It works great on stiff muscles, and helps so much with my sore knees. I was talking to Chris and he gave me a sample. I tried it on my neck, and had to spend my last bit of cash on a jar. I’m not a fan of pot, but this works.”
Judy E.

“I developed this cannabis root salve, initially, for my mother who does not like using anything with psychoactive side effects for pain. When we both started using the salve, though, it turned out to be so effective that it’s now our main household pain reliever.”
Chris Shears, Dragon Salve Creator